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Mudroom Locker Hutch (Matches Open Bottom Mudroom Bench)


Creating a custom sized mudroom hutch is easy to do and will add function, organization and beauty - and value - to your home. 

Video Tutorial

In this video, we go through the basic steps of building your own mudroom lockers.

Mudroom Locker Hutch Features

  • Easy to customize to fit your space and needs
  • Can add additional shelves above for increased storage
  • Works with our open bottom mudroom bench template, or any other bench base.
  • We will cut and ship the plywood pieces to you - all you have to do is assemble and trim and install.

Step 1: Design

Take measurements of your space, and determine widths and heights.  Remember that the bench will be about 18" tall.  Determine desired number of bays, keeping horizontal spans less than about 36" to avoid sagging shelves.


Step 2: Configure and Assemble Carcass

Use our free online Shelf Configurator to design your mudroom system.  We recommend a depth of 11-1/4" for the hutch, but you can use other depths. Order the carcass pieces through the configurator.

Once the pieces arrive, assemble with two 3/4" pocket holes on the underside of each shelf, using 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

Step 3: Bay Supports

Bay supports are recommended at the base and the top back to secure the hutch to the wall and add rigidness to the hutch.

Step 4: Add Top Trim

For a simple top trim, nail together two 1x2s in the length of your project using 1-1/4" brad nails and glue.  Then nail the two pieces to the front top edge of your hutch.


Step 5: Face Frame Stile Trim

Measure and cut face frame stile trim (vertical) for all the uprights.  Attach with glue and 1-1/4" brad nails.