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Ana Builds a Window Seat with Shelf Help

Here's How Shelf Help Works:

1. Design

Use our free design tool to create your shelf to fit your space.  

We will cut and ship the plywood direct to you - no tablesaw, no truck required.

2. Build

Our precise, precut plywood pieces are easy to put together. 

Then you can customize with trim, doors, drawers, even a barn door.

3. Finish

Finish your custom piece in any color, any stain, or any combination.  

Our maple plywood finishes up beautifully, and is the choice of pros.  

Your Size

Your Creativity

Your Finish

Our plywood, cut and shipped to you.

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Customer Testimonials

For about 1/3 the cost of hiring a custom carpenter, I was able to build my dream shelving with no experience and just a few tools!  Shelf Help is amazing!

Sandy Jenkins, OH

I get so many compliments on my Shelf Help furniture, people can't believe I made it myself!  Thanks Shelf Help for doing the heavy lifting!

Shelby S, IN

I'm a professional finish carpenter.  Shelf Help provides me with super accurate case cuts, saving me time and money, all delivered to the jobsite.  The end product is so much better with everything being a factory edge.

Mark S, NYC

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