Shelf Help is no longer shipping orders


What Comes in My Shelf Help Order?

Your Shelf Help order contains 3/4" PureBond plywood with the front edge edge banded, cut in the configuration you create using the configurator.  It does NOT contain bay supports, base moudling, face frame material, backs, doors or drawers, or screws, nails, fasteners, etc.


Who Cuts My Kit Out?

Your kit is cut and packaged in a facility located close to the PureBond plywood factory in North Carolina.  Our system is engineered for accuracy and quality.  Each piece in your order will be cut on high-precision equipment and carefully packed by trained craftspeople.

This results in professional quality cuts and edge banding, all while minimizing transportation waste.  


Will I Get Diagrams or Instructions?

When you complete your Shelf Help purchase, you will have an option to download diagrams for your Shelf Help design.  In addition, your Shelf Help kit will arrive with printed 3D rendering, a front elevation showing all shelf heights, bay widths and overall dimensions, as well as the cut list.

Shelf Help is a raw material, ready for your creativity.  It is not a RTA piece.  While we do offer tips in our How-To section, instructions are not included with orders.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

Our goal will be to ship all orders received Monday-Thursday on Friday. You will receive an email when your order ships with tracking information.  All orders at this time are UPS Ground.


Can I cancel my order?

We’re sorry, but once we receive your order and payment, we will be processing the order as soon as we can.  There isn’t really a way to stop it once it has begun. 


Do You Ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii?

At this time, we do not.  We hope to expand to be able to ship to Canada, Alaska and/or Hawaii as soon as possible.


Can My Order Come With Pocket Holes Pre-Drilled?

At this time, no.  You will still need a pocket hole jig (or other means of attachment) to add bay supports to you project, so we opted to not add this option. 

We also love that Shelf Help is a raw material with endless options for you to be creative and customize - this is not a RTA product, this is YOUR creation - we just want to help you get that plywood cut precisely and dropped on your doorstep.


What Happens if My Shelf Help Comes With Serious Damage?

Like all raw materials, there may be small imperfections in your Shelf Help pieces, that are easy to repair or hide when you are finishing your project. We could offer a generous return policy - but this requires us to increase prices for every order, and result in much waste and transportation pollutants.

But if there is substantial damage to your order, please email us at, we will work with you to make it right.


I Made a Mistake, What Can I Do?

We've put alot of thought into creating a system that is simplified and straight forward to assemble.  But there will be times that mistakes happen.

Since there's no cutting, the mistake will most likely be a misplaced screw or nail. First, try to work through your mistake.  You can always fill holes drilled by accident or swap shelf locations out to hide mistakes on the underside of the project.  

If you can't fix the error, you can order a replacement piece by simply using the Shelf Configurator with the number of Bays set to 0.  


Can I Order a Custom Depth?

At this time, we offer three depths that are standard to the cabinet making industry - 12", 16" and 24".  Most bookshelves and wall cabinets are the 12" depth, most closets, cabinets, consoles, and deeper shelves are 16", and kitchen cabinets are the 24" depth, as well as benches and desks.  

By standardizing the depths, we are able to quickly and efficiently produce your kit, and are able to use the leftovers for other orders.  This reduces waste, which is good for everyone and keeps prices competitive.  

When Shelf Help grows, we'd love to offer a few other depths to give more options.