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Design your Own Furniture with our Free Woodworking Software

Welcome to Ana White's Shelf Help Configurator! Our free woodworking software can help you design carcasses for case furniture. It takes all the math (and mistakes!) out and provides size visualization.

Please scroll down for more tips and information. Click the Complete tab to either download the plan and/or order the precut pieces.

Shelf Configurator Tips

  • Adjusting space underneath bottom shelf: On some browsers, the option to adjust the space under the bottom shelf is cut off.  Try pressing "tab" immediately after selecting Bottom = Yes to view this option.
  • If ordering through Shelf Help, the front edges will be finished and can be painted or stained
  • All vertical panels (sides and dividers) are continuous and equal the height of the project, unless a top or bottom is added
  • All horizontal panels (shelves) are the width of the bay
  • All panels are 3/4" thick, but thickness could vary to .705  If you have many dividers, this may affect the top (could be slightly too long) but this can be field cut down easily.
  • No pocket holes or shelf pin holes can be drilled at the factory
  • Zoom in or out by rolling your mouse scroll button
  • Rotate by clicking and holding down the right mouse button on the design, then moving your mouse
  • Shelf lengths shorter than 12" may be hard to attach, as your drill may not fit in less than 12"
  • Shelf lengths longer than 36" may sag without additional reinforcement
  • If you are having trouble with the configurator, please try a different browser and see if that helps.