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Window Seat Bench with Drawers

We have a space in our dining room that would be perfect for a window seat bench. But the space is odd (119" wide) so you can't just go buy a window seat bench that fits, and having one custom made would be very expensive.

For about $150 (including shipping) from Shelf Help I was able to build the carcass.  This is a GIANT project, but went together surprisingly fast!

Here is the Shelf Help Configuration I used:

I added drawers in the openings, and used 5-1/4" base moulding at the bottom.  The drawer faces are simply 1x12s.

I choose to add a cushion on top, but you could also top with wood.  You'll need something on top, since the plywood pieces are spliced together (you can't get plywood in 10' lengths, so it has to be wood or a cushion or some other top).

I used 20" full extension drawer slides from Amazon.  You can buy them in packs of 10 for about $5 a drawer slide.

We love this drawer bench - it adds so much extra storage and seating to our dining area, but doesn't make the space feel busy or crowded.  We store board games, arts and crafts, laptops - all the stuff that ends up on the dining room table is in those drawers.

We've been using it for a few months, and there's been no issues, even with my young children jumping all over it.  It looks brand new, in fact the photo here is from just the other day.

Here is the video tutorial of me building this drawer bench:


I have also created a Frameless Drawer Bench Template to help you design your own drawer bench like mine, but in different lengths.

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