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Assembling Your Shelf Help Carcass

Once you have your design and the Shelf Help pieces, it's time to assemble. 


How do I Attach the Pieces Together?

I recommend a pocket hole jig for attaching the pieces together, using the 3/4" setting and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.  

Layout all the pieces first, and then mark every location that needs pocket holes, making sure the finished front edge is orientated correctly.

How Many Pocket Hole Screws Per Joint?

  • 11-1/4" depth - 2 to 3 pocket holes per joint
  • 15-1/4" depth - 3 pocket holes per joint
  • 20-1/4" depth - 3 to 4 pocket holes per joint
  • 23-1/4" depth - 4 pocket holes per joint

TIP: When Drilling Pocket Holes, always stagger slightly to the right, so you never have to worry about screws intersecting each other.

Some Assembly Tips

  • A flat, level surface is important for square joints.
  • For extra large projects, you may wish to build in sections, build in the room, or build in place - as it may become too large to move when fully assembled.You'll 
  • Not all shelves have to be attached - some can be adjustable with shelf pins.  But you'll need some support about every three feet vertically to keep the sides from ballooning out.  This can be either a fixed shelf or bay supports.  Example: A closet tower has a fixed bottom shelf, a fixed top shelf, a fixed middle shelf, and the remaining shelves are adjustable.
  • Mark the underside of the shelf location on the sides/dividers so you can see your pencil mark as you place the shelf and attach it.
  • It may be beneficial to attach some of the bay supports pieces to help support open ends while attaching the Shelf Help pieces.
  • Use gravity to your advantage to hold shelves in place or drive screws.
  • It really helps to have a second person, especially on those bigger projects.