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Adding a Finished Top

We recommend adding a finished top to your projects that are under eye height (since you can't see the top of a tall bookshelf, no reason to add a top). 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Solid surface countertops for desks, bath vanities and kitchen cabinets
  • Planked wood for dressers, console tables, buffets, benches, and desks.  We recommend using pocket holes to attach the planked wood together before installing.
  • Order a single panel of plywood from Shelf Help by selecting "0" for number of bays.  You will need to finish out the side edges with edge banding.  Just remember that the Shelf Help panel is the same width as the cabinet carcass, so there won't be an overhang on the front.  You can always integrate an overhang into the face frame, or add a 1x board at the back, which will push the panel out 3/4" on the front.
  • A cushion on benches is a great option for finishing out the top edges

If possible, attach the top from underneath to hide nail holes.  Flat run bay supports make great top attachment pieces.