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Frameless Wall Cabinets for Kitchens, Offices, Mudrooms and More

Build your own kitchen wall cabinets with this free template.  It's easy to customize to different sizes and styles. 

No longer are you limited to standard cabinetry sizes, or have to pay a premium for odd sizes or increased heights.   In this template, we'll show you how to easily customize wall cabinet sizes and build, for a fraction of the cost to buy.'

Matching Base Cabinet and Island Templates

This plan is designed to work with our Frameless Base Kitchen Cabinet Template (cabinets pictured in photo).  You can also use it with our Frameless Desk Base Template. 
You can also build the island using our Free Gathering Kitchen Island Plans.


  • Single cabinets up to 36" wide.  Wider is not recommended as shelves may sag, instead, build two or more cabinets to achieve wider widths.
  • Any height.  30" is standard, 42" is full ceiling height.  15" or 18" are standard over the range or over the fridge.  You can also build hutch style, in heights from 48" to 59".
  • Standard depth is 11-1/2", but deeper cabinets can be made.

Video Tutorial of Building Wall Cabinets Using This Templates

I built the wall cabinet shown in this template in this video.  Please take a second to watch.


Use our custom configurator to create your carcass.

The configuration for the wall cabinet is as follows

  • Width = Up to 36"
  • Height = 30" is standard, but can be customized
  • Depth = 11-1/4" is standard
  • Bay = 0
  • Shelves = minimum 2

Once your Shelf Help pieces arrive, only the top and bottom shelves need to be attached fixed.  We recommend 3/4" pocket holes, 2-3 per joint, with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

The shelves can also be fixed, or made adjustable with a Shelf Pin Jig.


Bay Supports

Bay supports on the wall cabinet are used to hang the cabinet on the wall.  You just need one at the top back unless your cabinet is extra tall, attached to both the sides and the top, with recommended pocket holes.


A back is not required, but we do recommend it, especially for open cabinets.  The recommended back material is 1/4" plywood, attached with either 3/4" brad nails and an 18 gauge brad nailer, or 3/4" narrow crown staples.



Adding doors to wall cabinets is easy.

Simply measure the opening, and add 1" to the the width and height.  For double doors, simply divide by two width wise. Order doors through a door company or make your own.

Door Hinges

The recommended hinge is a Concealed Full Overlay Hinge for Frameless Cabinets.  These are sold off the shelf at Lowes or Home Depot, or also online.  

The hinges normally come with a template for drilling and installing.  

One trick I recommend for installing the hinge inside the cabinet is to measure on the hinge how far back the screw holes need to be inside the cabinet.  Then draw a parallel line to the front edge of the cabinet this distance back.  Then start your hinge screws on your pencil line.


Thank you for using this template.  We hope it is useful and allows you to create high quality custom cabinetry affordably.