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Entryway Towers with Bench Seat

Build your own custom sized entryway set with our free template.  Easily make any width for a perfect fit, and choose from multiple depths.

This entryway set features two towers with storage and a drawer, with a center bench.  It can also be used as an entertainment wall, window seat system, dining room banquette set, or individually.


This template is designed to be modified easily for different dimensions.  We recommend bays less than 36" wide to avoid sagging shelves. 

The 15-1/4" width is shown, but any of the Shelf Help widths can be substituted without any changes to the design.



Use our Shelf Configurator to create your own custom configuration.  Shown below is the dimensions for the configuration used in this template.

Entryway Towers as shown in diagram:

  • Height = 72"
  • Width = 19"
  • Bays = 1
  • Shelves = 5 
  • Depth = 15-1/4"

Bench as shown in the diagram

  • Height = 18"
  • Width = 51"
  • Bays = 3
  • Shelves = 1 per Bay 
  • Depth = 15-1/4"

Bench Top Blank (for finishing top of bench)

  • Height = 51"
  • Width = 
  • Bays = 0
  • Shelves = 
  • Depth = 15-1/4"

Shelf Assembly

Assemble your pieces using 3/4" pocket holes on the underside of every shelf, three pocket holes per end of shelf, with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.  Use the elevations diagram supplied with your Shelf Help order to space the tower shelves.

For the two shelves in the upper part of the towers, you can also use a Shelf Pin jig to make the shelves adjustable.


Bay Supports

Bay supports help fill out the project and are used to create extra support - without the bulk and cost of using plywood.  This plan uses 1x3 boards for the bay supports.


Attach bay supports with two 3/4" pocket holes on each end and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

Bay supports on the bench top should be placed facing upward, as the top will hide the pocket holes, and this is a stronger joint.


Bench Top

For a solid bench top, order a blank (set Bay = 0 in the configurator) equal to the length of your bench overall width.

Attach the bench top from underneath with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws, through the bay supports.



Optional moulding will add detail and make your project look finished and high end.  In this template, 3-1/4" base moulding and 1" Chair Rail are used. Simply cut to fit and nail on with a brad nailer.


Doors and Drawers

Doors and drawers are optional.  We love the drawer for small items like sunglasses, keys, and wallets.  We love the door to hide boots, overflowing bins, or out of season gear neatly stacked inside.

Drawer Details

  • 14" drawer slide, either euro style or full extension
  • 1x3 drawer sides, cut to 14" long to match the drawer slide length
  • The drawer front and back should be 2-1/2" less than the inside width of the cabinet when using standard drawer slides and 3/4" thick 1x3s
  • You can build the drawer in place as done here for a no math, easy install
  • The bottom is 1/4" thick plywood, nail and glue on with 3/4" or 1" brad nails.
  • The drawer face is a 1x6, cut 1/4" less than the opening width

Door Details

  • The door size is 1/4" less than the opening, width and height wise
  • Use either concealed inset hinges (two per door) or surface mount hinges (two per door) to attach door
  • Doors can be built or ordered.
  • If building, as shown is a 1x3 frame pocket holed together, with 1/4" plywood nailed to the back with glue


For a good install, we recommend removing baseboard and installing fixed to the wall.

Use the top bay supports on the tower for attaching to studs in the wall to prevent forward tipping.

Attach the towers to the bench using 1-1/4" screws (pocket hole screws are fine).

A hook bar can be added to create hanging space above the bench.