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Frameless Pie Corner Base Cabinet

Build your own corner kitchen base cabinet with our free template.  This base cabinet matches our Frameless Kitchen Base Cabinet Template.  You can modify in size to fit your needs easily, as long as you keep the side panels (23.25" x 34.5") the same.  This plan is based off a standard 36" x 36" corner base cabinet footprint.


Configure the corner base cabinet as one configuration.  The configuration shown in the below model is for a 36" x 36" base cabinet.  Here's how to modify in size:

  • Depth is always 23.25"
  • Height is always 34.5"
  • Bay = 2
  • The first (left) bay width is the desired left length of the cabinet MINUS 1-1/2"
  • The second (right) bay width is the desired right length of the cabinet MINUS 24"

Configuration for 36" x 36" base corner cabinet shown in model above.

Cut Toekick from all Side Panels

Cut the toekick out of the bottom front corners of all three side panels (23.25" x 34.5").  My standard toekick is 4" x 4" - but this can be altered to fit utilities, vac systems, or to match baseboards.

Assemble Left Bay Carcass

Drill four 3/4" pocket holes on the left bay bottom shelf ends and attach to side panels with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws, so bottom edge matches top edge of toekick.

Left Bay Supports

Strengthen the carcass by adding bay supports to the top, back and bottom of the left bay as shown.  Bay support length is equal to your bay width and shelf board lengths.  Attach with 3/4" pocket holes and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.  All pocket holes should be placed on outside to hide and for greatest strength.


NOTE: Bottom bay supports should be held flush to bottom shelf, and do NOT need to fully extend to the bottom of the cabinet.  A front toekick trim piece will cover any gaps on final install.


Adding the Right Bay

On right bay shelf, drill four pocket holes on each end of the shelf on 3/4" setting.

Attach the bottom shelf to the remaining side panel and the bottom shelf of the main left bay carcass with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.



Strengthening the Right Bay

Add bay supports at the top equal to your right bay shelf length with pocket holes.  A back bay support is also recommended.


Bottom bay supports are required to strengthen the bottom shelf up.  Measure and cut and attach to the bottom.


Optional Shelves

Optional shelves can be added inside with pocket holes.  If using a lazy susan or similar, you can skip the shelves.



Additional Countertop Support

If you have a countertop that seams in the corner (not a solid piece), you can further strengthen the corner as shown below with a 2x2 or similar.



For the doors, measure the openings and order doors as follows:

  • 3/4" thick doors
  • Door width is opening MINUS 1/4"
  • Door height is opening PLUS 1"
  • This is for 1/2" overlay doors on frameless cabinets



The hinges you will need are called "Frameless BiFold Hinge Kit" - they can also be called "pie corner" hinges.  It is important to order frameless for this template.  There should be a total of four hinges in the kit, two per each door.  

Here is an example of the needed hinges.