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Kitchen Island made with Shelf Help Carcasses with Face Frames

We built this kitchen island that has seating on three sides.  It is gigantic - 6 foot wide by 5 foot deep. 

It has storage on both the front and back. The back we had to make the doors a little lower at the top so they could swing open under the island framing.


The front is a 6 foot run of cabinets with a pull out trash.  The back is a 4 foot run of cabinets.

Here is the two cabinet run configurations from Shelf Help, but in 24" depth.

Because this is an island with a very heavy Quartz countertop, we also added face frames to the fronts of the Shelf Help carcasses.

The doors are hung with 1/2" overlay concealed hinges (since the face frame is shared between the cabinets).  The doors are figured so there is a 1/2" gap in between doors and drawers.  We ordered the doors and drawer faces from Barker Door.

The framing for the island overhang part is 2x4s with 4x4 legs.

The homeowner also wanted a compost chute in the countertop that is lined up with the trash below, so that was just cut out of the countertop.

This one turned out amazing, and is very sturdy and solid - the plywood carcass is a huge upgrade and can easily support that huge heavy countertop!